Show-Me Showdown 2017 Recap

First and foremost, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that allowed this event to happen. Without the support of everyone, this event would not be what it is and for that we are very thankful. A special shoutout to all the volunteers that worked their shifts and helped make it a wonderful weekend! 


September 8th - 10th was a weekend that will go down as one of the best Show-Me Showdown events to date. The weather that weekend was a top ten weather weekend and perfect for soccer. The SLYSA complex was beautiful as always and all the spectators were, for the most part, cheering on positively throughout the whole weekend which was great to see and hear. Throughout the weekend there were many smiles, many goals scored, many kids playing a sport they love and enjoying it completely.


We are very fortunate, that as a club, we can provide these types of weekends for kids to enjoy. We work hard to separate ourselves from the normal weekend by making it truly a destination tournament event. From music playing the whole weekend, to teams being introduced on stage at the end, the families that experience a Missouri Rush event always leave having a smile on their faces.


To see a full score recap of the weekend, you can follow this link:


Here are some Rush teams that were able to walk out on the stage at the end of the weekend.


2009B Azul - Champions

2008B Nero - Champions

2008B Cinza - Champions

2007B Azul - Champions

2007B Wildwood Nero - Finalist

2006B Wildwood Azul - Finalist

2005B Wildwood Azul - Finalist

2004B Azul - Finalist

2003B United - Champions



2009G Fierte - Finalist

2009G Wildwood Azul - Champions

2008G Cinza - Champions

2008G Azul - Finalist

2007G Nero - Champions

2007G Blanco - Finalist

2006G Nero - Champions

2006G Premier - Finalist

2006G Blanco - Finalist

2005G Azul - Champions

2004G Premier - Finalist

2004G Wildwood Azul - Finalist

2004G Azul - Champions

2003G Premier - Champions

2003G Nero - Champions


However you measure success, whether it is through enjoyment or seeing the players do things in a game that you have been working on in training, or simple progression build up play out of the backfield, we hope your season continues to be successful. See you at the next Rush event!