Breast Cancer Awareness Month Team Support

The 2009 girls teams (Cinza and Azul) took the month of October to heart. Not only did they compete well in the events they participated in, they also took it upon themselves to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Coaches Heidi and Jason helped create an unforgettable environment that everyone should be proud of. 

Nick,  I was invited to the Missouri Rush Breast Cancer soccer game on Thursday 26th, Azul girls 5:45 p.m. SLYSA 7B.  Heidi Dresner put together a tribute including her players with pink socks and pink hair ribbons for the evening game.  Luckily, I saw a victory game.  My granddaughter, Lucy plays on that team.  After the game was over..both teams shook hands and our girls ran over to their Coach Heidi.  The girls then came running over to the fans to give high-fives.  First my granddaughter handed me a pink rose...then each player handed me a pink rose.  Then Coach Heidi (my daughter-in law) handed me the last pink rose.  I was never so humbled.  Yes I am a survivor of Breast Cancer.  This is a night that I will never forget.  What a touching tribute.  
            Thanks to Mo. Rush Azul girls for the unbelievable tribute.                                     
                                                                                                                                  Sincerely,   Nana Dresner
The girls raised $200.00 completely on their own!
Here are some great photos from our games honoring survivors and those who have lost the battle. Our Azul team placed 3rd in a bracket up and our Cinza team brought home the gold at Halloween Havoc!  The girls raised over $200 on their own with money collected from parents/spectators ~ From Coach Heidi
Missouri Rush is super proud of these girls and equally as proud of the coaches for the great team culture they are building. They also came out to support the 2003G United team in their quest for a state cup victory this past weekend. Thank you to the players, coaches, and families for their support!