The Youth Development Academy (YDA) is a soccer program for young players between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. The philosophy behind the program is to teach kids how to love the game while learning necessary skills to develop young soccer players. 

Each season the YDA provides young players experiences they will take with them as they grow as players. Using a training environment that is designed to allow kids to develop at their own pace, provides a sense of confidence for each player. 


The YDA hosts its trainings at the all new Missouri Rush Sports Park. The park is located at the intersection of highway 40 and the Winghaven/DD exit in O'Fallon, MO. The park consists of 4 all-weather turf fields. 


The program will start March 5th and run approximately ten weeks. End times may vary depending on the league schedules. 


Details and Cost

*All players will participate in local league play*

Birthyear Games Trainer Nights Weeks Cost
2014 Yes Once a Week Wednesday's 10 $175
2013 Yes Once a Week Wednesday's 10 $175
2012 Yes Once a Week Wednesday's 10 $175
2011 Yes Twice a Week Monday's & Wednesday's 10 $275
2010 Yes Twice a Week Monday's & Wednesday's 10 $275




Player Expectations

Each player will be trained in a technical progression curriculum. Players should learn and understand the following technical skills:

  • Being comfortable with the ball at his/her feet
  • Juggle ball more than two touches
  • Dribble at distance with 50% pace
  • Pass with both the inside and outside of their foot (somewhat accurately)
  • Trap or settle a ball a majority of the time the ball is played to him/her

The player will also learn the concepts of the game and the rules of play.